It is a imaginative way of spending your weekend. As an alternative of remaining watching tv all day long, try to build some wooden toys for your kids. Let them observe you building it.
Wooden toy building is a very good hobby idea for your kid.Wooden toys never really go out of mode. Giving these toys and games to kids can have a lot of educational and fun benefits.Beside the instructive benefits, a wooden toy plan can be also a healing session for parents and entirely family. That is why making a wood toy or a craft toy is a fun weekend project that makes your family entertained and your kids glad.Here are 6 fine examples of traditional wooden toys that you can build and share with your kids.
Wood Swinging Horse Toy
A good case of a funny wooden toy is the Swinging Horse , more simply to create than the rocking horse toy and the identical fun for your family.The swinging horse can be set up indoors or outdoors.The two ropes at the front and the one at the back have rings at the end and can clip onto hooks screwed into ceiling joists.
Dump Truck Model Wooden Toy
The Dump Truck Model Wooden Toy is an example of a durable wooden toy planned with child safety in mind. The moving parts have no pinch points and the truck’s surfaces are rounded and smooth. Assembly is fairly basic. The quantity and shapes of all the parts required are shown below and each can be cut from either solid stock or birch-veneer plywood. All you need to hold the pieces together are a few dowels, although some connections can be reinforced with screws.
If you use screws to complete this plan, be sure to counter-bore the fasteners and cover the heads with wood plugs.
The dump truck model shown above is built to take abuse and punishment without giving any back. Its corners are rounded and its surfaces are sanded smooth and done with safe paints.
Wooden Toboggan Toy
The Wooden Toboggan is a means of transportation completely adapted to its environment. The runners are made by steam bending narrow slats around a form. They are then fixed firmly to crosspieces. A rope is threaded through the crosspieces and serves two purposes: setting and holding the nose curve and providing a hand-hold for breathtaking downhill rides.Since the runners also serve as this sled’s deck and seat, it is important to bend them exactly. They must have a radius of 3 to 4 inches, with the curl tightening slightly toward the end. For best results, use a wood with superior bending qualities such as maple or ash planed to 3/8 inch thick.To terminate a Toboggan, seal the top surface with a coat of best outdoor wood sealer. The bottom should be treated with hot pine tar, available from ski shops. This wills seal the wood and provide a surface to hold the runner wax. Work in the pine tar with a rag, using a propane torch on a very low heat setting to keep the tar fluid. To arrange the toboggan for a day on the hills, rub on layer of hard cross-country ski glide wax with a cork block.

Nutcracker as a Classic Wooden Toy
Nutcracker Toy

The Nutcracker is a typical craft to build as Wooden Toy, and must of the time shaping and assembling the many parts of him may be time eating, but with a methodical approach, the process is not hard. And as the photo at right shows, the results are well worth the problem.Most of the parts are created on the lathe machine; in fact, all the main components – the torso and head, the arms and the legs – are turned from only three blanks which make assembly simpler and more precise.Sawing all the arm parts from a single spindle turning, for instance, helps ensure that the arms will be of uniform size and that the elbow joints will fit together well. Once the major parts are finished, the hands, feet, and nose can be fixed to fit and individualize the figure.Select a soft, easy-to-shape wood like basswood for the main components of the nutcracker toy. Ash is a good choice for the jaw/crank; the wrists are best made from usual birch doweling.
Wooden Hand MirrorNutcracker Toy
A Wood Hand Mirror is a helpful and stylish craft toy for your baby girl, and is pretty simple to build, but you will have to devote some time to setting up. The first step is to choose the diameter of the mirror glass; 5-inch beveled glass works well, but other sizes are available.You will then want to create two templates for laying out the mirror on your stock: one for the shape of the mirror body and a round one for the diameter of the glass recess. Use clear acrylic plastic for both templates to enable you to see the grain and figure of the wood as you locate the outline on your blanks.Make the wooden hand mirror, from 5/8 inch-thick stock. To cut the recess for the glass, use router paired with plywood template. Fitted with a straight bit and a template guide, the router will duplicate the template’s profile on the work piece.The recess should be 1/8 inch larger than the glass to allow for wood progress. Make the template long enough to allow you to clamp it in place without interfering with the router.
Vintage Wooden Puzzlewooden puzzle
Wooden puzzles are not only fun but they allow an opportunity for kids to learn and practice many skills important for success in school.Puzzles help children learn to resolve problems, develop complex thinking, and promote persistence by finding ways to fit a puzzle piece in place.The instructive value of puzzles and games is doubled when parents and children play with them together.The benefits of wooden puzzles are endless as they provide an enjoyable way for you to share in your child’s delight through play learning play. A handmade wooden puzzle can serve as a distinctive and affordable gift to any young child or even an adult that happens to love wood.Building and designing your own wooden puzzle just takes a little imagination and a little bit of talent. Wooden puzzles can have geometric shapes, round shapes, or even just unknown shapes- there is no wrong way to make a puzzle, so give it a try and have some fun!