Although building a tree-house is not something small it’s really a fun thing to do if you work with the right playhouse plans to do the job. It’s a great way to involve the whole family and there are loads of different designs to select from.

Whichever you ultimately choose there are some common rules to consider before you build a Tree-House

Difficulty Level: Fair – What you will require:
A ladder, a hammer and/or electric drill, a saw, a minimum of seven 2x6x8 boards, galvanized nails or rope, exterior plywood sheets, 2x2x8 boards, a water-resistant tarp, a staple gun, wood waterproofing treatment.

  1. Before doing anything else you need to choose the tree for the tree-house. A perfect tree is one that’s mature as well as healthy having a minimum 16″ diameter. Preferably the tree-house should not be higher than about 10 to 14 feet off the ground which means that the branches at this height have to be sturdy enough to support the load of the tree-house deck. The tree must be of a hardwood variety for example maple or even oak. Soft wood trees like pines are not suitable.
  2. Using four 2×6 beams you will need to build the platform. This is an extremely important part of any successful tree-house structure. It should be built near to the trunk itself and should preferably use any available branches. Making use of diagonal bracing for additional support is always advisable and essential if there are no available branches. The reason for this is to reduce movement of the branches as well as keeping the platform both balanced and level. Try not to cause too much damage to the tree when fixing the platform in place. Using rope or galvanized nails is a good idea. Un-galvanized nails will corrode and speed up rot in the tree which can and does lead to its demise.
  3. Once the platform is securely in place, the floor can be added and exterior plywood should be used for this objective. The remaining 2×6 boards must be placed 16″ apart and parallel to the frame. Nail all of them in place to form your floor joists. Cut the boards to the desired length and place them perpendicular to the joists. Cut the curves necessary in the floorboards for the tree limbs to come through.
  4. Next comes the roof of the tree-house. Using 2×2 boards attach them vertically to each corner. Join with 4 horizontal 2×2 boards to form a frame that’s rectangular. A gable is formed at each end by attaching 2 more 2×2 boards at an angle to each other. The Two gables can be joined by attaching a vertical 2×2 board between them. The frame should after that be covered with the waterproof tarp and stapled in place.
  5. As soon as that is done it is time to add the doors, walls, and windows. Use your imagination in this regard but think “light”. Opt for Plexiglass, plastic, or mesh screening rather than glass. You also need to consider the way the tree-house should be accessed. Ladders are good provided they cannot be removed or knocked over by the wind.
  6. Once the project is done it is time to water-proof the wood.

Useful Guidelines and Advices
Prior to beginning, make sure that there aren’t any restrictions where you live when it comes to building tree-houses.

Always make sure that the ladder is firmly fixed to the tree while you are working on the tree-house and that you have a first-aid kit available in case of injury.